Hello and welcome to the home of Marcello C watches!

Spring is always a time for new beginnings.

And this spring, we are releasing the newest version of our classic Nettuno 3. The Nettuno has always been an award-winning classic dive watch and over the years, we introduced innovations based on customer feedback. Continuing this tradition, the new Nettuno 3 is sporting an all new black ceramic bezel inlay, a non-magnetic movement cover and solid steel case back, a helium escape valve (HEV), green luminous material on hands and markers and an all new stainless steel bracelet with polished center links.

We still have a few of the previous model in stock, so if you prefer the sapphire crystal caseback, the white superluminova or the colorful bezel inlays, please contact us right away and make sure to secure your favorite Marcello C. timepieces.

It has now been more than 13 years for us here at MarcelloC-watches and time went by faster than a speeding bullet. We moved our offices from Minnesota to the breathtaking scenery of the Rocky Mountains and the state of Colorado a few years ago and it is just as hard to believe that we were celebrating 22 years of the Marcello C. brand back in March!

As exciting as these milestone are our handcrafted timepieces: the Marcello C.® “Hydrox” is a success, the Marcello C.® “Diavolo” Chronographs (#2022) and “Diavolo” Automatic (#2023) are really HOT (especially with the new steel bracelet you asked for and we are now carrying)!!! The Diavolo manual wind with Unitas movement was a hit and the Limited Edition black PVD and rose gold model completely sold out. The limited edition of only 111 watches in an aviator style called the MCII sold out quickly as well. Another customer favorite that sold out almost immediately when it was first launched, the Marcello C.® “Tridente Titanium Limited Edition” was back for a short time and sold out again quickly.

Last year, at the Baselworld 2014 show, we introduced the Marcello C.® “Nettuno 3” in green dial/bezel, another result of customer requests being answered. The last ones with green bezel are being sold right now.

These exquisite timepieces the latest creative masterpieces from Marcello C. and offer numerous innovations and details any real watch aficionado will immediately recognize and appreciate.

The Hydrox hasn’t been the only new dive watch model Marcello C. released. Check out the Tridente “Ice Age” (#2005.62) diver watch (in stock). Based on the same quality case and bracelet of the previous model, it sports a new dial and hands. You may remember having seen this design before; yes, the dial markers and hands were first used on the successful Tridente Titanium Limited Edition.

We will continue striving to provide you with nothing but the best value in exclusive mechanical watches without taking any short cuts when it comes to quality and customer service. After all, highest quality components, higher grade movements and more attention to detail is what makes Marcello C. watches so special. And this means that you’ll be able to get a much higher quality mechanical timepiece from us than you thought you could afford.

Please also enjoy the other premium models from Marcello C., like the Senatore Chronograph series (now with the “regular” 7750 movement, no longer with the tri-compax version), the exclusive Tridente Chronograph or the Vergine Ladies watch series. Or check out our successful Pegasus chronograph series! Talk to our authorized resellers about our customization options. You want your personal Nettuno 3 made without the magnifier? Want a white on black date wheel? All of that is possible, making your new watch truly reflecting your very own style. And all part of our customer service. The best watch available for under $1,000 ? We were honored when this review of our Nettuno 3 and its conclusion were brought to our attention. It seems that there are many fans of our watches with a deep appreciation for our perfectly crafted luxury timepieces. We also heard from a high-profile customer who has been more than impressed with our Tridente Chronograph while putting it through the paces at his job as a professional Hollywood stuntman (you can find his quote and testimonial below).

Looks like the word is spreading about our watches! Please share with us where and how you are using your Marcello C. timepiece and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

Marcello C. watches can be found on the wrists of professionals, at places like the depths of the world’s oceans, a research station in Antarctica or even the set of a major motion picture, so they should be perfectly at home on your wrist!

Who is Marcello C.?

Marcello C.® is a small, independent watch manufacturer headquartered in Würselen, close to the city of Aachen in Germany. Privately owned, Marcello C. is not part of a larger luxury or watch brand group, allowing them to focus on making quality timepieces and providing the best customer service rather than maximizing profits and shareholder value. Marcello C. was founded 17 years ago by an experienced industry professional that worked many years for other, well-known and respected watch brands prior to taking the leap and starting his own brand. His goal: to be different.

And it all started with being honest. Marcell Kainz, owner and founder and an avid fan of Italian design (as well as cuisine), used the Italian spelling of his own good name to start the brand. While the name may be difficult to pronounce and may not be to everyone’s liking, you won’t see us pretend provenance by using or reviving a historic, previously defunct brand name. Frankly, the watches speak for themselves. You know these watches are special the very first time you’re holding one in your hands.

Quality, fit and finish are obvious, even if you’re not a watch expert. The accuracy is legendary and the customer service, both pre-sales and post-sales, has achieved a reputation that others strive to emulate. And they are made in-house in Würselen, by Marcello C. ‘s own qualified, trained and experienced watchmakers that are responsible for the end product and take pride in their watches. We believe that customer service shouldn’t make up for quality though and our goal is to always get it right the first time. Therefore Marcello C. only uses top shelf components directly from top Swiss movement manufacturers. Shouldn’t you be worth it to yourself to get the best?

Only buying directly from these suppliers guarantees quality and consistency that many other brands, depending on the secondary market and private label manufacturers, simply can’t deliver. Furthermore, Marcello C. pays attention to every detail and individually regulates every watch to meet strict requirements for accuracy. And this effort pays off.

Quality components, quality control and real people standing behind their work; what more could you ask for? And you don’t have to break the bank to afford one of our handcrafted timepieces. This really is affordable luxury™, without fancy and expensive ads, fancy stock photographs of airplanes, expensive cars or boats or misleading, made up company history of “fly by night” operations. There is a reason we have been around in the US for more than 10 years and that is honesty, quality, customer service and consistency. That’s why you can find Marcello C. watches on the wrists of professionals and even many celebrities (that don’t get paid for their endorsements), providing reliable service and accurately telling time for years to come. These watches are way more than the sum of their parts. They are a choice, an alternative for true connoisseurs that express their individuality without hiding behind fancy brands and an artificial brand image. Its about substance, about what really matters. True value, not marketing fluff. Don’t get fooled by cheap imitations!

Get one and you’ll get it!™

Thank you for your emails and pictures telling us how much you are enjoying your Marcello C. timepieces. To hear from you how much you treasure the watches and our service is the reason why we are constantly striving to become even better. The new models and designs are based largely on your feedback, and it is important to us to receive your comments and suggestions. This unique relationship to our customers as well as our dedication to Quality and Service is what separates Marcello C. watches from the competition! You can always contact us and talk to us directly. If you do, please try to use email as main means of communication with us. Should you call us and we don’t answer right away, please make sure to leave us a voice mail with your phone number or email address where we can reach you and remember to speak slow, loud and clear when you leave your contact details so we can get back to you right away. And please don’t use a spam blocker that is set to block our email address and responses if you want to hear back from us. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to see you back here in soon for more exciting news. The official Marcello C. watch forum is on-line on the Internet! You may click on the provided link to visit the new chat forum to meet other Marcello C. watch owners, exchange photos and reviews. And now you can find MarcelloC-watches on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well.

Thank you again for your support and continued patronage to us here in the US over the past 13 years and to the Marcello C. brand over the past 20 years!!! You are what made this brand a success!




"This is what the Japanese must have had in mind when they came up with the concept of Kaizen; a passion for making things better and the the philosophy of never-ending improvement."

"Obviously Marcello C stands out above the crowd not only in style and craftsmanship but also in providing outstanding service to their customers that I do not believe anyone can match."

"I wish I had found you before I wasted all that money on those over priced big name watches. Thank you for a fantastic product and the personal attention, I'll be buying another one!"